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Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne

Maxi Cab Booking is a trusted name when it comes to hiring a maxi cab in Melbourne. As a trusted taxi service company in Melbourne, we aim to provide well-maintained taxi on rent in Melbourne. With our largest fleet of cabs and the most experienced drivers, we offer the very best transportation services whether you are travelling to Melbourne Airport or anywhere else in Melbourne Region.We offer the most affordable and reliable maxi cab Melbourne airport booking service to make your airport transfers and tours easy and stress-free. We offer a pre-booking to ensure timely delivery when you book us for airport pickup and drop off services in Melbourne.

At Maxi Cab Booking, we try to exceed customer expectations and provide unmatched services in Melbourne.We care for our passengers’ needs, that’s why provide the best services to wheelchair passengers too. We also offer pickup and drop up facility to businesses for their corporate events or any weekend party.

Why Maxi Cab Booking in Melbourne?

We are one of the most honoured names for taxi rentals, wagons, and maxi cabs in Melbourne. Our taxis are always on time as we are available 24/7. So, you just have to give us few minutes to pick you up from your desired spot. Some of the prominent features offered by us are:

  • All our drivers are professional, licensed, accredited, and insured and have years of experience in industry.
  • We offer services to individuals and businesses too.
  • We pride ourselves on providing punctual and honest services.
  • Our maxi cab at Melbourne airport is always on time so that you won’t have to wait us for long time.
  • Our services are all-inclusive, means you will be provided with total comfort and a hassle-free transportation experience.
  • Our Melbourne maxi cabs are wheelchair accessible also to make travelling easy for physically handicap persons.
  • We offer booking via phone call and online booking as well.

If you need to reach somewhere on time, just give us a call on 0449 667 892to Book a maxi cab in Melbourne and we’ll reach within few minutes, waiting for you right outside the gate.

Hire a car today to enjoy a hassle-free travelling at very fair prices!

How Maxi Cab Booking Made Travel Easy in Melbourne?

How Maxi Cab Booking Made Travel Easy in Melbourne?

Melbourne is one of the wonderful places to visit in Australia. There are lots of places to visit and things to see and enjoy such as great ocean road, Phillip Island, werribee zoo tour, Healesville sanctuary tour, Strawberry farm tour, Victorian winery’s tours, and many more. So, if you are planning to go for vacation this summer with your family or friends, then look no further than Melbourne. Visa, ticket, and all travel arrangements – all set. After that, the most important thing that comes in a person’s mind is who will pick us from airport?

Traveling with a group can be a real hassle when it comes to visiting to and from the airport as well as enjoy various activities. When having a group, hiring maxi cabs in Melbourne are beneficial as compared to a normal cab. With maxi cab booking in Melbourne, you just have to enjoy your trip without worrying about driving, thus makes your trip easy and more enjoyable.

Here are the facilities that a maxi cabs offers in order to make traveling easy:

  • Comfort: As you are travelling with a large group, it is important to make your journey comfortable. For this, it is vital to hire a vehicle with lots of space, so that everyone can sit comfortably as well as place their luggage appropriately.
  • Equipped with More Features: Hiring a maxi cabs will provide you with more entertaining features that a normal taxi doesn’t. A maxi cab is equipped with TV, music system, and WiFi so that you could not get bored along the way.
  • Seats for Relaxation: Maxi cabs have reclining seats that make traveling easy. As you are tired by travelling too long, hiring the maxi cabs is the best solution for you because it will provide you relaxation while reaching your destination.
  • On-time Pickup and Drop: When hiring a maxi cab service, you can expect a timely pickup and dropping facility. So, there will be no chance that you will miss your flight or you will have to wait for a cab after reaching the airport.

Hire a Maxi Cab Today

So, if you are hunting for a trusted maxi cab service provider in Melbourne, just rely on Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne. Hiring our maxi cab to Melbourne airport is very reasonable and time-saving. We have skilled drivers to take you to the airport or any desired location on time as we value your time.

Make a booking today online or via phone call.


Why do people prefer maxi cabs over normal taxis?

Before we begin talking about how maxi cabs score over traditional/ normal taxis, let us first understand what maxi cabs actually are. As the name implies, maxi taxis are versatile multi-purpose taxis designed to carry more people with lots of room for luggage. Hence, you’d frequently find people hiring a maxi cab to Melbourne airport. Moreover, these are also great for carrying goods to an event or going for a fun outing with friends and family. These are generally owned by private organizations and so, don’t require a meter to operate. Instead, the fair is generally fixed by the organization.

Maxi taxis are suitable for whom?

Well, maxi cabs can be hired by tourists travelling in big groups, people looking for airport transfers, large families going out for dinner, friends going out for movies, for parcel deliveries, or for various events.

Benefits of hiring a maxi cab to Melbourne airport

  • Size – Maxi cabs come in all shapes and sizes. They can accommodate about 5-11 people and have ample room for luggage. In short, maxi taxis are great for people who don’t like squeezing into small cabs and prefer a bit of legroom. The extra room also comes in handy when you have heavy items with you. Moreover, some maxi cabs come with hydraulic wheelchair lifts.
  • Convenience – Of course these are more convenient! If you have a group of more than 3, you would probably need to book two cabs, but not when booking a maxi cab! Booking maxi cabs is easy and hassle-free, as things like rate, pickup and drop time, and location are all conveyed and agreed upon in advance.
  • Cost – Hiring a maxi cab to Melbourne airport makes sense as it is more affordable and cost-effective. On the other hand, if you decide on travelling in normal cabs, you’d end up spending 2 or 3 times more than what quoted by the maxi cab, depending on the size of your entourage. Moreover, the fact that you can even rent a maxi cab with wheelchair access, is a boon in disguise and makes travel much easier even for the elderly who need assistance for walking.

Our conclusion

Over the years, more and more people have realized the true potential of maxi taxis and have started relying on our extensive range of maxi cab services. The fact that our service is available 24×7 and is competitively priced, is what makes people hire maxi cab to Melbourne airport from us all the more. Our vehicles are also great for big events and trips around the city. So, if you too want a comfortable and hassle-free travel experience, come connect with us.

Best wheelchair maxi cabs in Melbourne

We’re proud of the effort we’ve made to make travel comfortable and more accessible for all, including our wheelchair-bound guests. Be it a hospital visit, an airport transfer, a social gathering, or sightseeing, we provide the best wheelchair maxi cabs in Melbourne. Ours is the most versatile multi-purpose maxi cabs service you’d find in this part of the country – vehicles that are wheelchair accessible and can carry up to 10 people – perfect for group outings.

At Maxi Cab Booking, our fleet of wheelchair maxi cabs in Melbourne comes with built-in mobility aids, and our experienced drivers are always willing to help. They are trained to deliver a safe mode of transport for the elderly passengers and for those relying on wheelchairs. Our wheelchair maxi cabs in Melbourne are perfect for wheelchair users who otherwise find it difficult to commute or be a part of a group travelling together.

Who we are

At Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne, we believe in offering unmatched service whether it’s a simple pick up and drop to Melbourne and the Avalon Airports, or for group outings. We constantly make efforts to provide a hassle-free experience to all, and more so if it is your first time in the city.

How to book our cabs?

Booking our wheelchair maxi cabs in Melbourne is super easy. Either do it through our user-friendly website or give us a ring at +61449667892. Our services are competitively priced, and there are no hidden charges involved. There are multiple ways you can pay for your maxi cab ride.

Why choose our wheelchair taxi in Melbourne?

  • Our taxi services are reasonably priced
  • Our cabs are customized to comfortably accommodate wheelchair-bound guests
  • Our vehicles have hydraulic wheelchair lifts and good wheelchair restraint systems
  • Our drivers are conditioned to follow all basic COVID guidelines.
  • We offer personalized service and 24×7 customer service
  • Cabs are available even on short notice

Reliable Corporate Maxi Cabs in Melbourne

Organising an event, a business meeting, or a conference can be stressful, one that needs thorough planning and immaculate execution. This is where we come into the picture! Hire us for quick guest transports to and from the designated venue or for transporting goods to the venue. Our corporate maxi cabs in Melbourne can seat up to 11 passengers, not to mention the tons of luggage that the vehicle can also squeeze in.

Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne makes business trips less hectic! We are known for providing first-class professional cab service to those looking for corporate maxi cabs in Melbourne. We know how to take the pressure off your transport needs. So, whether it’s a quick airport transfer or a dash to a corporate event, we have the right fleet of vehicles for your every corporate need. We are frequently voted as one of the best in Victoria and hope to be the Gold Standard of transport in Melbourne and its suburbs.

How to book our corporate maxi cabs in Melbourne?

Need a ride for you and your crew? Allow us to help. Arranging transports at a short notice has never been this easy.

Process #1

Simply give us a call on +61449667892 and we will handle it from there.

Process #2

  • Step 1: Visit our website
  • Step 2: Scroll down to the cab booking section
  • Step 3: Fill in the details. This includes your name, phone number, the number of passengers, pick up point, drop off point, and the date and time on which the transport is needed.
  • Step 4: We will get in touch with you to confirm the booking.

Feel free to pay us via cash, credit card, EFTPOS, Cabcharge, Motor Pass, or any similar payment mode.

Why choose us?

  • We pride ourselves in providing the absolute best and honest service
  • We provide a punctual transport service
  • Our service is competitively priced and there are no hidden charges involved
  • We ensure the safety of passengers and follow COVID protocols
  • To help passengers, we offer both online reservations as well as call bookings

Hire Maxi Cab In Melbourne To Reach Destination On Time

If one needs a transport for commuting on daily basis then one of the best ways by which it can be done is to hire a maxi cab. These cabs are just perfect for transfers to and from the airport. If one is traveling with a group of friends to attend a wedding or a birthday party then hiring a maxi cab is an ideal choice. Maxi cab in Melbourne has become very popular with the masses as it helps one to travel in comfort.

Benefits of hiring a maxi cab to Melbourne airport

  • Get best vehicles which will help one to enjoy a ride
  • Ideal for traveling in groups
  • This cab is well-maintained so it ensures safety
  • One can hire this cab at affordable prices.
  • Helps to reach one’s destination on time


Hiring a maxi cab will ensure that one is provided with prompt and reliable service. One of the most important features of a maxi cab is that it is very spacious so it ensures that one is able to travel in comfort. One is provided services of an experienced and friendly driver so one will not be facing any problems while he is traveling in this cab. Since the driver is a professional he will be able to drive one to his destination within shortest possible time.

If one is a frequent flier and requires transport for reaching the airport on time then hiring a maxi cab is the best choice. Hiring a Maxi Cab to Melbourne Airport is very affordable. This is one of the reasons why many people are regularly signing up for this service.

Maxi cab is considered to be one of the most comfortable modes of transportation. One is able to save a lot of time if he travels by a maxi cab. Your driver will drive the cab using shortest route possible and this will help one to reach airport long before his flight time.

So, if you are searching for a maxi cab then just get in touch with Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne at your earliest.

Learn Some Hidden Facts About Maxi Cab Hire Services In Melbourne

If you want to travel different places by roadways, then you need to hire maxi cab hire services. When you are planning a road trip, the first thing that comes to your mind is to buy a new vehicle. Buying a vehicle is expensive, so most people opt for calling reputable maxi cab hire services. These services are beneficial for making you reach your desired location in a safe and fast way. These services are provided by well-trained and experienced drivers who can drive you to the decided destination.

Some reasons for hiring professional cab drivers:

  • You do not have to wait for your vehicle for a long time as these professionals are experienced in reaching the pick-up location on time, for instance, if you are moving out of an airport, then a cab is ready for you to take you to the desired destination.
  • They help you reach your required location without picking up any further customers so that your valuable time can be saved.
  • They focus on providing you a convenient and comfortable journey as these experts drive the vehicle as per customers’ requirements, say, if the customer wants normal speed, then the professional will follow the instructions.

A reputable taxi hire company is essential for providing maxi cab hire services to their clients. These companies include professional drivers who are aware of all the routes of the city. These professionals even know the traffic rules that are essential for safe driving. They provide quality maxi cab hire services at affordable rates Some companies also renders the best maxi cabs to Melbourne airport for their potential clients.

Maxi Cab Booking is a famous taxi hire company in Melbourne that provides all sorts of cab hire services at affordable rates in order to fulfill their clients’ needs. They include skilled and trained drivers who can take you to your desired location. These experts provide courteous and harmonious behavior to their potential clients. They render the best maxi cab hire services at reasonable costs. Check the company’s website and contact them for the need of any maxi cab hire service!


Benefits of Using A Maxi Cab Service In Melbourne

Whether one is traveling within the city or in a remote nation, one needs a dependable method for transport to get around. While owning a vehicle has been seen as a perfect way to deal with travel, a taxi cab service has become a persistent part of the big industry. They offer the most appropriate and moderate medium to reach the destination.

The following are a portion of the advantages of utilizing a transportation service.


  • COST SAVINGS: Owning a personal car can be a costly undertaking, from the buying to the operations of the vehicle. Using a maxi cab service to work wipes out the need for owning a personal car. This goes a long way in eliminating numerous costs including fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs.
  • 24/7 SERVICE: Round the clock service to the destination of the customer’s choice is the feature of every elite taxi company. At whatever time amid the day clients are content with the information that the taxi would come up to their gate on schedule and drop them safely to their destination.
  • MINIMIZED WORRIES: One need not worry about anything in order to reach the destination. Taxis are a brisk method for making it to the destination on time. The sender connects the line to a specific radio association of the taxi organization and finds a cab that is closest to one’s address. The taxi achieves the area in 5-10 minutes. This is really more profitable.

Accordingly, choosing a maxi cab service gives various advantages over attempting to deal with the transportation needs. Notwithstanding these advantages, one exploits reasonable rates, making the traveling easier than ever.

Maxi Cab Booking is situated in Melbourne. They provide maxi cab service to an extensive variety of clients. They likewise provide big van taxi pickup to Melbourne airport as well Maxi and tour vans with ensured benefit. Get in touch with them to avail their outstanding services at reasonable rates. To learn more about their services visit their official website.

Enjoy The Benefits Of Maxi Cabs Melbourne Airport Transfer In Melbourne

The value of taxi services can be understood by a hardcore tourist. People worry a lot when it comes to the terms of reaching the airport on time. Due to the different kinds of inconvenience faced by the traveler, entrepreneurs set up maxi cabs Melbourne airport transfer services where people could book the airport transfer support in advance and have a hassle-free experience. Whether one requires reaching the airport or going to their home or hotel from airport the service providers are ready to help.

Advantages of maxi cabs Melbourne airport transfer:

Suitable route – the major issue that a person has to face when going to or from the airport is the traffic congestion. In the present time drivers are aware of all the routes that have the least traffic during the peak hours, therefore, helps the commuter in reaching the destination on time.

Availability – since people book the car in advance they do not have to wait for the taxi to arrive at their doorstep. People can carry their belongings comfortably without having to pay any extra cost.

Cost efficient – there are lots of people who have to pay the extra price to the taxi driver especially when they do not get a cab but on availing maxi cabs Melbourne airport transfer one can save those extra expenses.

Comfortable ride – when an individual is traveling in the car they can easily enjoy the ride as well as the time and concentrate on their work, right from the time of pick up to the time of drop.

Among lots of maxi van to Melbourne airport companies in the market, there is one that stands out among others. Maxi Cab Melbourne is located in Melbourne and provides outstanding assistance to all their clients. The company has been acknowledged for delivering top quality services. The firm caters commercial as well personal requirements. Whether it is the cost or quality of service they are the best!

Fleets of cars available with them are chauffeur car, maxi cabs and silver service and Melbourne taxi. Get in touch with the professional for further details on maxi cabs Melbourne airport transfer either by visiting the website or by calling the experts on the given contact details. Feel free to call!

Tips To Boost Revenue For Maxi Cab Services In Melbourne

In this post lockdown era where life is about to get a new normal, one thing which is going to remain with us is precaution. When we start going from one place to another in a frequent manner, we make us vulnerable especially in crowded places. Maxi Cab Melbourne can help you from getting into a potential danger of exposing to the virus. Public places are probably the most vulnerable.

After having an exhaustive day at your workplace all what you need is a perfect and safe drive to your home. Maxi can be available for that with a few minutes through your mobile phone.

Exceptional features of maxi

Affordable and comfortable- we have a fixed price policy. Our charges are not going to fluctuate in accordance with weather or any other unexpected situation. All our vehicles are in good condition and we make sure to send them for regular maintenance. Maxi vans are also available with 11 seats, so you can book in accordance with your convenience. Maxi Cab Booking is an easy process on our website.

Safe and secure- we have a group of experienced drivers who know each and every corner of Melbourne. So you should not be bothered about finding an exact location. We have a special team for the purpose of sanitization, every vehicle from maxi get sanitization after every ride.

Punctual and Disciplined- No one has an ample amount of time in this fast world. There is nothing called fashionably late in this modern world. So to catch an important flight at an airport or an essential meeting, you can always trust maxi cab. We have a habit of always being on time.

Since we have a policy of transparency and accountability so we welcome all your queries on our contact number and email address available on our website.