Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne is a transfer service meant for individuals and groups. Ours is a professional maxi taxi service in Melbourne that offers clients an impeccable service at a fair price. Our client centric approach and extra attention to deliver the very best of experience has helped us in becoming one of the best maxi cab services around. Our taxi maxis at Melbourne airport are well suited for clients in town, be it for business or tourism, or for people who are simply looking to go from one point to another.

We at Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne provide a quality service, so you do not have to worry about a cab on coming out of the airport gate. Book directly through our website and you’d find one of our maxi taxi at Melbourne waiting for you right outside the gate. Ours is an impeccable transport service designed to cater to your needs, whether you have children, people who need special care, sports equipment, or extra luggage. We have a large fleet of 4 seat sedans, maxi taxi, wheelchair accessible taxis, and taxis with baby seat, all available at affordable rates.

So, whether you are in the city for business or leisure, we at Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne will help you in avoiding queues and unnecessary delays.

Why hire Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne?

Ours is one of the most reliable professional maxi taxi service in Melbourne. We provide a hassle-free transport service to all looking for a quick ride to and from Melbourne Airport and Avalon Airport. Our cabs are available 24×7 and are perfect for group outings, special events, or for people travelling to the airport with lots of luggage. Simply let us know of your travel plans and we promise to make it a seamless experience. Our drivers are fully licensed and have been in the business for quite some time now. Together with them we always try to provide the best maxi taxi Melbourne service.

  • The name you can trust: Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne is a name you can always trust! No matter what your need be, we aim to provide an industry-best maxi cab booking in Melbourne. We cover a broad service area that includes taxi service to the Avalon airport, Melbourne airport, the Melbourne Metropolitan Area, and much more.
  • Great customer service: Our drivers are well-groomed and are always eager to help. We make sure that our customers get the very best of professional maxi taxi service in Melbourne. Our service is competitively priced and has over the years become one of the most preferred choices for people looking for maxi cab at Melbourne airport.
  • Redefining the maxi taxi Melbourne service: Ours is the perfect solution for people looking for a reliable transport service offering taxi maxi at Melbourne airport. We proudly offer neat vehicles and thoroughly vetted professional drivers. Our drivers go above and beyond to provide quality service that people expect of us.


Some of our salient features:

  • At Maxi Cab Booking Melbourne, we try to exceed customer expectations and provide an unmatched service.
  • All our drivers are experienced professionals.
  • We pride ourselves in providing a punctual and honest service.
  • Our prepaid prices are “all inclusive” for total comfort and a hassle-free travel experience.
  • Our maxi cab at Melbourne airport is always on time so that you do not have to wait.
  • For further convenience, we offer online booking as well as booking via phone call.
  • With us, maxi cab booking in Melbourne becomes an easy affair for all, even if you are here on vacation.
  • Our maxi taxis in Melbourne are wheelchair accessible.

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Our maxi cabs at Melbourne Airport are equipped to carry up to 2 wheelchairs. Our drivers are always eager to help and they assist disabled passengers and the elderly in getting on and off the vehicle. We aim to provide a positive experience all through. Mobility is Necessity The destiny has not been fair to […]

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Client’s Reviews

Let's check what our client says.

Jasiee Nupur

Always arrive when I call within 15 minutes. Never had a problem with a driver and I catch alot of taxis from these guys. I recommend using this company.

Jennifer Vita

Awesome customer service & price. Very prompt in replies & great to deal with. Keep up the outstanding service !

Majdi El Akoumi

We used Taxi Maxi for all over travel over the weekend and their service and efficiency was better than any taxi service we have ever used. Always on time and super easy to deal. Highly recommend ?

Kavin Ford

After a long time. We have received such a good service. I have tried few cab companies before but I am super happy with Melbourne wheelchair taxi. Driver picked up on time and he was super friendly too. Highly recommended

Shen Morley

Awesome customer service & price. Very prompt in replies & great to deal with. Keep up the outstanding service !

Jeen Nelson

Superb service we got from this company. Highly recommended ???


At Maxi Cab Booking, we offer professional maxi taxi service in Melbourne. We are one of the prominent names in Melbourne for taxi rentals, wagons, and maxi taxis. We are committed to deliver reliable taxi services for local sightseeing, corporate travels, events, and parcel delivery. Our team works 24x7 to deliver you the absolute best. Our drivers are trained and experienced, and have a thorough knowledge of Melbourne and the places around. We hope to keep up the good work and be of help to you too.

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