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Wheelchair Maxi Cabs

Our maxi cabs at Melbourne Airport are equipped to carry up to 2 wheelchairs. Our drivers are always eager to help and they assist disabled passengers and the elderly in getting on and off the vehicle. We aim to provide a positive experience all through.

Mobility is necessity with wheelchair taxi in Melbourne, Australia

The destiny has not been fair to everyone but we can be. Here at Wheelchair Maxi Cab Melbourne we consider mobility not as compulsion but a right. People who are differently able have the right to lead a normal social life. Wheelchair Maxi Cab Melbourne is an attempt to reduce the dependent of such people on others. We realized the need of wheelchair taxi at Melbourne airport during very early period of our business.

Why Maxi?

• Along with wheelchairmaxi cabs are very easy to book.
• Maxi cab is extremely comfortable and makes your journey safe and secure.
• We are ready to customize our vehicle in accordance with your convenient.
• For disable maxi cab Melbourne do not require any extra physical assistance.
• Arrival time of wheelchair maxi cab is typically better than others.
• Maxi’s wheelchair taxi service is budget and user friendly service in Melbourne.
• Cleanliness is a serious matter of concern for maxi cab services and this ongoing pandemic of covid-19 has made us more conscious so every maxi sanitizes every vehicle before each ride.
• Maxi cab services have experienced and sensitive drivers to take care of any such passenger who needs a special care.

How to Book Us?

• Maxi cab booking is an online easy process.
• You need to mention specifically to the call receiver that you need a wheelchair accessible taxi.
• You have to give us the pickup location and drop off point in a very clear and precise manner.
• Give us any additional information what you believe is important or necessary to the call receiver.

Is it a Necessity to Pre-Book?

There is no need to book in advance. But still we suggest you to book as early as possible since we have limited number of vans with wheelchair facility.