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Maxi Cab in Melbourne for delivery

Are you looking for a safe and secure delivery of items in these COVID times? Delivery of items at your doorstep without physical contact is now possible! We provide a fast and cheaper alternative to couriers. Give us a call now for more info on the same.

Leave it to us

In this ongoing global pandemic of Covid-19 we have all been restricted to our houses. It has been advised to stay at your home and not to go our unnecessary. But here at Maxi cab for delivery we believe that the important economic activities are also vital to go well financially. So if you are looking for safe, secure delivery of your parcel along with your precious privacy we are ready to go for it.

Reason to Choose Us

• Delivery to your doorstep without any physical contact and maxi cab for parcel delivery provide cashless options of payment to avoid any physical contact.
• Fixed price for quick deliveries and even if you book us weeks ago.
• For delivery maxi cabs have experienced drivers who know every street and corners of the city and country so there is no risk of delay while finding an address.
• After booking the first available parcel taxi of maxi would be dispatched to collect the parcel.
• We provide faster and cheaper alternative to couriers.
• Our commitment is not going to be stumbled in any way whether it is Christmas gift to your love ones or any important document of your professional work.
• 24/7 availability 365 days of year make everything possible to deliver by maxi vans.

We have a reliable service to parcel delivery so there is no need for you to be worried about missing or stolen of your parcel. It is a matter of trust which can only be tried by giving us an opportunity to serve you.